Project Description

Autodotbiography is a unique online system which means that anyone, no matter how skilled or unskilled, can write their own life story and produce a beautifully written, lavishly illustrated hardback book for their family and future generations to treasure. It is incredibly easy and affordable, just gather up your favourite photographs and important documents, take a trip down memory lane and answer simple questions about your life. Autodotbiography will take your words and pictures and turn them into a book to treasure.

The Challenge

Having a prime time slot on a major TV shopping channel is an opportunity to reach a wide audience for your product. For the TV production crew to enhance the product, they require Autocards that they can focus in on in-between the live action. The Autocards need to be A1 in size and represent the product so they can be discussed on set.

The Solution

A strong corporate colour was used as the background enabling the graphics to stand out. Elements of the brand were used down the sides of the Autocards further enhancing the brand, a selection of new and old photographs were positioned creatively and a strong presence for the logo/website address. A successful solution that translated well onto the television screen.