Project Description

Autodotbiography is a unique online service which means that anyone, no matter how skilled or unskilled, can write their own life story and produce a beautifully written, lavishly illustrated hardback book for their family and future generations to treasure. It is incredibly easy and affordable, just gather up your favourite photographs and important documents, take a trip down memory lane and answer simple questions about your life. Autodotbiography will take your words and pictures and turn them into a book to treasure.

The Challenge

To create a prestigious book that allows registered users to have a certain amount of flexibility with the design and look of their life story. The final design needs to have a balance of creativity and usability as a program needs to be written for the on-line use. There are constraints on how bespoke the final booklet can be produced with the balance between creativity and a template based system determining the final product.

The Solution

To enable the book to have it’s own individuality, a choice of covers were designed that registered users could choose from. Single columns were incorporated for the text enhanced with a clear, elegant typeface. Photographs, illustrations, images are placed within one of five different templates that can be pages with single images or a montage of images. This allowed the inside pages to have their own individuality. A challenging project that had a fine balance between creativity and a structured template system but one where the final design resulted in a prestigious and treasured solution.