Project Description

Abbey Roofing is a subsidiary of Abbey Flooring, the parent organisation. Abbey Flooring have been specialising in wooden floors throughout the London area over the last twenty years as a family-run business. Abbey Roofing was formed over 5 years ago and have built up a strong reputation focusing on service, quality, longevity and value, four values that have seen them recommended time and again. They get results by using the right techniques, the latest technology and British products.

The Challenge

This wooden flooring specialist has been established for over 20 years and their logo has stood the test of time with a few updates over the years. The new Abbey Roofing logo had to echo and reflect the values of the existing Abbey Flooring logo and brand without getting them confused with each other and allowing them to stand out as individual organisations while having an association with each other.

The Solution

Pylon Design Consultants London proposed using the same bold typeface and the colours used in the Abbey Flooring logo for the new Abbey Roofing logo. This allowed the continuity between the two identities but Pylon Design also suggested a new image of rooftops to enhance the name of the company and reflect the business. This solution provided Abbey with two identities which looked different yet through colour and bold typography, were related to each other.

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