Pylon Design Consultants Limited have been working with Conisborough College for over 10 years and we were approached by the new head to design and implement a new brand for the school. Conisborough College is a Colfe’s Associate School and work closely together ensuring that students make a positive contribution to the college and wider community. Colfe’s School use a stag as part of their brand and Pylon Design were requested to incorporate a stag within our proposal in order to retain a link between the two.

Pylon Design created a logo that encompassed the stag but used a style that was unique to Conisborough College. The style reflected a forward thinking, professional college but also reflected the friendly atmosphere and the diversity of the surrounding community. It was important that the logo stood out and gave Connisborough College a strong presence within the area. Bold, modern typography compliments the image while the strong corporate colour palette gives a professional yet approachable solution.

Project Detail